About Us & Local Links

Our goal is to enable small (8-10 cyclists) groups of Americans to see and experience the wonderful richness of England and France through affordable cycling trips.  Our tours are not focused on hammering away at the pedals, but on seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting the country and learning about its people and history.

Andy Brown will be your guide and trip leader.  He started a career as a NASA Rocket Engineer in 1986,  but during vacations Andy organized and led week-long bike tours for friends in Napa, California, the coast of Maine, the Loire Valley, France, Wessex, the Cotswolds, Yorkshire, Kent and Sussex, England.  In addition, he has ridden with small cycling companies in England, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, and Austria, and has done the well-known cross state BRAT, RAGBRAI, and Cycle Main Street, Louisiana rides.  Andy started Country Lanes Cycle Tours in 2018.

Cheryl Brown has accompanied Andy on many of his tours, and loves to engage the local people and to find the best that the small cities and villages have to offer, from coffee shops to antiques.  She will be transporting the luggage and providing emergency van service.

Cycling Links in Huntsville, Alabama

I have enjoyed the cycling community in Huntsville for the last 33 years!  Here are some links to organizations that make this happen:

Spring City Cycling Club – www.springcity.org

Bicycle Cove, Huntsville’s largest bike shop – www.bicycle-cove.com

Blevin’s Bicycle Company – www.blevinsbicycleco.com