Electric Bikes!

If you aren’t much of a rider, or just want to make sure you can enjoy your vacation without being worn out, if you are in decent shape you will love taking the tours on an electric bike!  On an E-bike, you still have to pedal, but your strength is amplified by an extra factor of 100%, 200%, or 300%, depending on what level you switch to.  This puts any hill within easy reach, and lets you concentrate on enjoying the beauty around you without worrying about whether you’re going to make it to the end.  The bikes are completely quiet, can be ridden without electric assist at all, and still give the feeling of gliding along the country lanes and experiencing the environment that a bike uniquely enables.  It is very important to realize, though, that you still must be comfortable handling the bike, even on bumpy roads.  You also must be comfortable riding downhill, as the England ride is hilly.  An Electric bike costs an additional $175 for the week.

As an occasional cyclist, I chose to use an electric assist bicycle,  and was ecstatic that I chose this option. Because of this I was able to enjoy the full daily bike tour but also had energy to enjoy exploring the lovely towns/villages that we stayed in each evening. The food was amazing,  and the scenery was spectacular. What a wonderful way to see the sites and tour Sussex and Kent, England. I highly recommend taking this tour with Andy as your guide.                                                                                                               Cindy Cole, 2018 tour