Charlean Parks – Chateau of the Loire, France 2021

I had high expectations for the France tour with The Country Lanes Cycle Tours and this trip exceeded everything I imagined. I love cycling which made this trip perfect for me. I enjoyed exploring the countryside of France on a bike. It allowed me to engage with the local culture, eat wonderful food, and connect with the rich history in each location. The trip included visits to beautiful chateaus, wine vineyards (tastings included), caves, and more. Oh, and the lodging was unmatched! The hotels/B&Bs were gorgeous. Andy did an excellent job and is most patient. I highly recommend touring with this company. I look forward to attending future trips! 

David Herda, Garden of England 2021

The cycling trip through the English countryside was just amazing.  One of those once in a lifetime opportunities I will always treasure.  This was my first time on a multi day cycling trip. But, it was no problem.  We covered a good distance, but the pace was comfortable and always had time for a relaxing pub lunch, afternoon tea, and site seeing.  Andy puts an emphasis on history and that was much appreciated.  I highly recommend this trip for novice to veteran riders. 

Steve and Susan Solomon – England,2018

Definitely a trip to remember!  The Garden of England Tour was our first visit to England.  There is no better way to see Sussex, Kent or the “Weald” than by bicycle.  We explored the small towns, beautiful English country side, local taverns, and marvelous tea shops.  We especially enjoyed the group dinners,private tours, and the hospitality of each unique B&B.  Hiking the Seven Sisters Country Park was amazing and a must when visiting Eastbourne.  Andy and Cheryl were the perfect hosts!  Andy did a wonderful job mapping out the courses for each day. We traveled lovely wooded roads (right out of a picture book), bike paths that avoided traffic, and dirt trails through sheep pastures with breathtaking views.  Cheryl’s smile greeted us at all  our stops and she always had great recommendations for dinner, shopping, and extra activities. This tour is truly unique and we definitely recommend this tour for other bicycle enthusiasts!                                                                  

Cindy Cole – 2018

As an occasional cyclist, I chose to use an electric assist bicycle,  and was ecstatic that I chose this option. Because of this I was able to enjoy the full daily bike tour but also had energy to enjoy exploring the lovely towns/villages that we stayed in each evening. The food was amazing,  and the scenery was spectacular. What a wonderful way to see the sites and tour Sussex and Kent, England. I highly recommend taking this tour with Andy as your guide.

Ken Rex – England, 2019

I have done a number of week long rides, but my June ride in the English countryside with Country Lane Cycles tours was clearly my most enjoyable. The number of historic sites was mind boggling and the South Downs National Park, including the white cliffs of “The Seven Sisters” and the enormous grass hill with its wide grassy slopes and great view on day 6 made for a great adventure. The general scenic English countryside with stops for tea, scones and other tasty treats added to the fun and enjoyment. A well organized tour.

James Burnum – England, 2019

Riding makes you strong!

I took the June 22, 2019 tour and had a fantastic time. The tour was flawless: hotels were charming and friendly, excellently located, and in some cases of exceptional merit, notably the Leeds Castle and the Mermaid Inn. The routes were beautiful and well chosen to highlight the scenic beauty of the area – truly the Garden Tour of England, to have us cycling on pleasant English lanes, and to lead us through historical areas. The days were hilly, but with plentiful scone stops and all day to bike, the hills only added to the adventure and the beauty. Andy Brown was an excellent tour leader and he knew every turn and hill of the entire route. Andy would stop at certain locations to caution us to prepare for an upcoming hill, or to be careful on a steep downhill. He even seemed to know where the gravel patches were. One highlight was riding the steam train for a portion of the last day, which was fun and had the added bonus of bypassing a hill. … If there were any snafus or issues as what always happens during travel, we didn’t know about them because Andy easily handled them. On top of all that, the weather and the other people on the tour were wonderful, or “lovely” as we often heard in England.

Stacey Sikora – England, 2019

I highly recommend this tour, it exceeded my expectations in every way. From the beautiful countryside to the charming little towns and cities and the views from the cliffs, every day was amazing!! Staying on the castle grounds was an unforgettable experience, and the foods was wonderful. Andy was a great tour guide and really took care of us. I’m hoping to join another tour in the future.

Wendy McGee – England, 2019, Non-Riding Option

I will admit it took some time for me to sign on for a non-riding participant because I could not imagine what was I going to do while everyone was riding. I am so very thankful I went because it was one of the best travel adventures, I’ve had.  It was an opportunity to immerse in the culture, see a lot of the countryside, explore the villages, get to know the other travelers, hike, eat and some non-riding adventures. It was a blast.  The schedule was full but not packed. We met up with the riders for some of the sightseeing and the off day was spectacular with a hike that gained me over 30,000 steps. (Some people got massages instead.)  The planning was buttoned up and nothing was left to chance. One of the very best experiences I have had and I would recommend to anyone who wants a memorable trip. 

Peter Ornstein – Loire Valley, 2012; England, 2017

Biking through the small towns and narrow lanes is a fabulous way to experience England and meet local residents.  Andy is a superb guide: passionate, patient, organized, friendly and knowledgeable.