Non-riding Spouse/Friend Option

Is your spouse or friend interested in joining you on the trip but not interested in riding?  We can make arrangements to enable them to enjoy the tour while you’re on the bike.  This option is limited to two spots/tour, and will be on tours when Cheryl is driving the luggage van.  The non-riders will accompany her in the luggage van between the overnight stops of the tour, which are each wonderful destinations with plenty of things to see and do.  She may also make stops at interesting spots on the way to the day’s final destination, as time permits, to be determined by her and the passengers. Another option is that your spouse/friend could  hire a car for the week, especially if there is another non-rider interested in sharing – a one week rental is presently $170.  All the same services (lodging, luggage transport, admission to Cathedral, etc) are provided to someone choosing this option, but since bikes are not needed, a $75 discount is provided.  If you are interested in any of these arrangements, we will assist in the logistics.