2022 Country Lanes Cycle Tours

Our goal is to provide active travelers and cycling enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the beautiful and historic countryside of England and France. We provide guided, supported bike tours at an affordable price with a personal touch. By cycling and visiting off-the-beaten-path places, you will gain an authentic appreciation of these locales. Our routes also are accessible to everyone – leave Alpe D’Huez to the pro’s! – but you’ll know you accomplished something at the end of the day.

We managed to put on our 3rd year of England tours and 1st year of France tours in 2021, even with the pandemic difficulties, enabling us to continue to gain experience, maintain the great relationships that give our tours a personal touch, and provide an even better experience for you in 2022.

Bike Tours 2022

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Garden of England, 8 days/nights – Sussex Cycling

Loire River Valley, France, 7 days/nights.

Lynchburg Tennessee Cycling Weekend, 3 days/2 nights

If the above scheduled tours fill up, another one can be scheduled with a minimum of 6. Groups are also welcome to discuss options with us. We also have a non-riding option for spouses or friends who aren’t really into cycling but still want to have a fantastic vacation.


Electric Bike Description

If you aren’t much of a rider, or just want to make sure you can enjoy your vacation without being worn out, but if you are in decent shape you can do the tour on an electric bike!  On an E-bike, you still have to pedal, but your strength is amplified by an extra factor of 100%, 200%, or 300%, depending on what level you switch to.  This puts any hill within easy reach, and lets you concentrate on enjoying the beauty around you without worrying about whether you’re going to make it to the end.  The bikes are completely quiet, can be ridden without electric assist at all, and still give the feeling of gliding along the country lanes and experiencing the environment that a bike uniquely enables.  It is very important to realize, though, that you still must be comfortable handling the bike, even on bumpy roads.  You also must be comfortable riding downhill.  There is an extra fee for an e-bike.

As an occasional cyclist, I chose to use an electric assist bicycle,  and was ecstatic that I chose this option. Because of this I was able to enjoy the full daily bike tour but also had energy to enjoy exploring the lovely towns/villages that we stayed in each evening. The food was amazing,  and the scenery was spectacular. What a wonderful way to see the sites and tour Sussex and Kent, England. I highly recommend taking this tour with Andy as your guide.                                                                                                               Cindy Cole, 2018 tour

Non-riding Spouse/Friend Option

Non-Riding Option

Is your spouse or friend interested in joining you on the trip but not interested in riding?  We can make arrangements to enable them to enjoy the tour while you’re on the bike.  This option is limited to two spots/tour, and will be on tours when Cheryl is driving the luggage van.  The non-riders will accompany her in the luggage van between the overnight stops of the tour, which are each wonderful destinations with plenty of things to see and do.  She may also make stops at interesting spots on the way to the day’s final destination, as time permits, to be determined by her and the passengers. Another option is that your spouse/friend could  hire a car for the week, especially if there is another non-rider interested in sharing – a one week rental is presently $170.  All the same services (lodging, luggage transport, admission to Cathedral, etc) are provided to someone choosing this option, but since bikes are not needed, a $75 discount is provided.  If you are interested in any of these arrangements, we will assist in the logistics.

I will admit it took some time for me to sign on for a non-riding participant because I could not imagine what was I going to do while everyone was riding. I am so very thankful I went because it was one of the best travel adventures, I’ve had.  It was an opportunity to immerse in the culture, see a lot of the countryside, explore the villages, get to know the other travelers, hike, eat and some non-riding adventures. It was a blast.  The schedule was full but not packed. We met up with the riders for some of the sightseeing and the off day was spectacular with a hike that gained me over 30,000 steps. (Some people got massages instead.)  The planning was buttoned up and nothing was left to chance. One of the very best experiences I have had and I would recommend to anyone who wants a memorable trip. 

Wendy McGee, England, 2019